How to Initiate a Ticket Transfer

  1. Locate someone to purchase your ticket. It is up to you to locate that person. Feel free to post on this facebook page about it.

    Note: Pass transfers will incur a $20 transfer fee if performed less than 30 days before the event. The last day to transfer your pass is January 31st. 

  2. Please email and include the person transfering the ticket and the person receiving the ticket. Notifying us of the ticket transfer. We will check that everything is in order before money changes hands between ticket holder and the reciever.
  3. Once you've gotten the OK from us, it's up to you to exchange money for the tickets, then let us know when you're ready for the ticket to be transfered.

    Note: The person receiving the ticket will be prompted to pay the transfer fee when they register online using the ticket transfer. It is up to the people doing the exchange to figure out which of them (or both) pay that fee when they exchange funds for the ticket.

  4. We will send the person receiving the ticket a link to sign up with, that will only charge them the transfer fee, and if they choose to sign up for any competitions. It's important that you sign up immediately. If you forget to sign up, the transfer won't be in the system when you show up the day of the event.
  5. Once the person receiving the ticket signs up, the original ticket holder's pass will be invalidated in our system. The person who received the ticket can check in the day of the event with their own name.

If you have any question, please email us at, or post a question here. Thanks!