Gracing the DJ Booth

Bands need breaks, and competitions need music. Enter the DJs! We have several excellent local and out-of-town DJs spinning their tunes for your dancing and listening pleasure. Let's show them some love.

Joanna owes her initial love of jazz era tunes to all the musical references in I Love Lucy (a slightly unhealthy childhood obsession). She started swing dancing and DJ-ing in her college swing club at RIT and is currently a DJ in her home scene of Austin, TX.  From Lindyfest to Snowball, Joanna has enjoyed being a guest DJ at events around the country and abroad.  Her goal is to make you feel that urge to get up and dance whether it’s with a partner or rockin’ out solo. For her, it’s all about that driving swing beat and a chance to be playful.

We are delighted to have Keli returning as a DJ to Hot Rhythm Holiday! She started swing dancing in Houston in 2009. After joining the Houston Hepcats performance team, her love of swing dance music really skyrocketed and she began to DJ in Houston at the weekly dances both at Eldorado Ballroom and the Chocolate Bar. Since moving to Austin in 2015, she DJs regularly at The Fed on Thursday nights, plus she frequently DJs in The Fed's Uptempo Room. Keli also DJ’d at Austin Lindy Exchange in both 2017 and 2018.


Keli enjoys teaching all levels and her exuberant joy for dancing always shines through. When she’s DJing you can often find her rocking out some sweet solo moves in the DJ booth, pulling the most she can out of the music. Keli has a soft spot for female musicians, favoring Ella Fitzgerald and Laura Windley as the best swing vocalists from their eras, and could not be more over the moon to welcome back the Mint Julep Jazz Band featuring Laura Windley for this year's HRH!! More glockenspiel please!!


Lian picked up her love of jazz music dancing with her college swing club, and learned to DJ with the club’s epic CD collection. After a hiatus, Lian returned in 2012 to DJ sweet swinging tunes in Madison, WI. Since then, she has been picking out tunes to keep people dancing ‘till all hours at events in the midwest and nationally. Now a part of the Austin, Texas scene, she loves DJing at the Fed for one of the biggest weekly swing dances in the United States.

Kevin discovered swing dancing in 2010 and has become an enamored social dancer, competitor, teacher, and DJ for dancers ever since. Over the years he's had the privilege of DJing for exchanges, weekend workshops, and competitions including local events such as the Hot Rhythm Holiday, Austin Lindy Exchange, Alamo Stomp, and Texas Intercollegiate Swing Battle.


Kevin can be heard regularly sharing memorable jazz tunes at the Austin Swing Syndicate's Thursday night dance in the main ballroom and uptempo room.

Ann (DJ Bubbles) began swing dancing in 2008 in Waterloo, Canada (not far from Toronto). Since getting her first songs, she has DJed in her home scenes until she moved to Switzerland for her PhD with robotic bridges. She has had the fortune of playing swing for evenings and workshops around the world as well as she is head DJ at Great Lakes Balboa Escape in Chicago. Digging through old stuff and new (soft spot for the original stuff), small group to big band to Newport, North American and European, she aims to create an atmosphere worthy of creativity and playing around with the dance.

Shelby Johnson is a self-proclaimed music snob, who fell in love with jazz at an early age listening to the sounds of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. He really fell in love with swing music in the 6th grade thanks to a music appreciation class, and later started playing jazz in the 8th grade after 3 years in band as a drummer and percussionist. In high school, Shelby started playing the vibraphone and would transpose his parts for most pieces, as many pieces didn't provide written music. This developed Shelby's ear for music that was a huge catalyst for him catching the swing dance bug in 2011 in Orlando, Florida. And BOI, what kind of journey that has started! 2 years later, Shelby became one of the premier DJs in the Southeast, being featured at exchanges in Florida and South Carolina. In 2013 Shelby moved to Dallas, TX, where he continues to deliver awesome syncopated tunes for Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Collegiate Shag. Shelby's passion for social dancing, teaching and competing landed him the 2016 Frankie Manning Ambassador Scholarship to Herrang Dance Camp where he expanded his knowledge on Jazz Dance and Music History. Two years later Shelby was awarded the Spirit of Lindy Hop Award at the 2018 Camp Jitterbug and Northwest Lindy Hop Championships after taking on more of an active role in working to provide a safer dance space for people of color and bringing up issues for non hearing people.

Ben Luhrman has been DJing events in San Antonio since 2007.  His inspiration and music selection come from his father and grandfathers’ love of vintage music.  Ben has been listening to many different artists since he was a very young boy. His appreciation for quality, danceable tunes makes him a versatile DJ.  Ben believes that he can set the mood and tone for any event through his music selection

Lauren has been a dancer throughout her life, and started swing dancing in 2007. After that, she could be found dancing almost every night of the week, competing regularly, and djing and teaching at events all over the world. She has been a featured DJ at the Snowball, Lindy on the Rocks, Bal-Ast Off!, Balboa on the River, Big Sky Weekend, Birmingham Swing Festival, and many other dance events around the world. She grew up listening to swing music, and fills her sets with the big band sounds of Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, and other swing era greats.



When not in the DJ booth, Lauren is a full-time dance instructor teaching all over the world at dance camps and events, as well as a professional musician. Expect to see her excitedly singing along from the DJ booth!

Peter Flahiff is a swing dancer, instructor, DJ, and speaker for more than 25 years. He started DJing for swing dancers in 1998 and has continued ever since, across the country and around the world. Some of his past credits include: Head DJ for The Balboa Experiment, as well as featured DJ work at Herrang Dance Camp, Camp Hollywood, The Snowball, California Balboa Classic, All Balboa Weekend, Lindy Focus, and many many more. Peter loves to play for dancers and considers it a privilege to have the chance to “dance with the whole room at once”. This is his first time at Hot Rhythm Holiday!