Dance classes in Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop, and Charleston are available throughout the entire weekend. For Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Lindy Hop you can spend the weekend concentrating on a particular dance style. You may also choose to venture into many dance styles throughout the weekend.

  • Balboa classes may be composed of pure Balboa, Bal-Swing, or both.
  • Collegiate Shag classes will primarily be in double rhythm (slow-slow-quick-quick), although other styles may be presented during the weekend.
  • Charleston classes will consist of either 1920's Charleston or solo Charleston.
  • Lindy Hop classes will primarily focus on the techniques necessary to dance to faster tempos.

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Dance Class Levels

For each dance style there are three class levels offered: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Beginner level dancers may have little or no experience in the dance style that they are interested in. Beginner level classes are probably appropriate for dancers who (1) only know the basics, (2) are still getting familiar with the basics, or (3) are not yet comfortable executing moves at medium tempos. With the exception of Lindy Hop, classes at the start of the weekend will assume no knowledge of the basic footwork of the dance, and from there they will build through the rest of the weekend. For beginner level Lindy Hop, dancers should be comfortable with the swing-out, though it is expected that they are still working on refining it.

Intermediate level dancers have a solid grasp of the fundamentals. Intermediate dancers probably go out social dancing regularly, and may have traveled to a workshop weekend or dance camp. Dancing to medium or even faster tempos is not a problem. Intermediate dancers are usually focused on increasing their vocabulary (i.e., the number of moves they are proficient with), and they’re also beginning to work with concepts like musicality and individual style.

Advanced level dancers have usually been dancing for several years and have mastered the fundamentals. They social dance on a regular basis and have traveled around the state, country, or world to attend swing dance events. The advanced dancer has no problem dancing to fast tempos and is more focused on upper-level technique than individual moves.

Level Testing Auditions

Students who wish to attend advanced classes in either Balboa or Collegiate Shag must first audition. Lindy Hop advanced level is based on self-assessment. Those who pass the advanced level auditions for either or both dance styles will receive an advanced wristband that grants him/her access to the advanced level classes for that style. Beginner and intermediate level classes do not require auditions.

Please note that based on teacher feedback you may be asked to move to another class level. We hold the level testing on Saturday morning to allow for more attendees to participate.  Due to this there are no advanced level classes on Friday for Balboa and Collegiate Shag.  Please keep in the mind the following points:  

  • Your dance level placement will vary from one event to another depending on the level of the other dancers at the event
  • The level that you are in at your local scene may differ from the level when compared to other attendees at this particular event.  

The number of people allowed into Advance level classes is dependent upon:

  • The total number of registrants for the weekend; how many people account for an appropriate class size
  • The ratio of lead to follows at the event

Dance levels within any class exist on a curve; therefore, depending on what level you place in you may be at the bottom level of the curve in your classes, the higher end of that curve, or anywhere in between.  Either way we promise you'll learn something and have fun!

Note: We expect classes to be challenging, but we also expect our guests to attend classes that are appropriate for their skill level. If it is clear that you are not taking classes of the appropriate level, an instructor or staff member may politely ask that you attend a different class level.

Panel Discussions

There will be two classes on the schedule that will involve discussing various topics related to either Balboa or Collegiate Shag (separate classes). These classes will each have a panel of experts to answer audience questions. Common themes for these discussions include history, current trends, and the future of the dance.

The Swing Community Forum

There will also be one very special class held on Friday that covers topics that are of interest to both musicians and dancers. This class have a question-and-answer format and will include a panel of experts for both music and dance. The teachers on either side will present questions for those on the opposite side (e.g., a musician will ask the members of the dance panel a question, and vice versa). During the last fifteen minutes, the floor will be opened up for questions from the audience. Questions may touch on topics that range from the history of swing (i.e., music or dance) to current trends in our community. All content is expected to relate in some way to the relationship between swing music and swing dance.

This is a unique opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of the larger swing community. All students are encouraged to attend.