Our Organization

The Hot Rhythm Foundation is an non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the historic jazz music and dances of the early twentieth century. We are musicians and dancers who are dedicated to the growth of the jazz music and dances here in Austin.

Our Mission Statement

The Hot Rhythm FoundationÂ’ (hereafter, “the Foundation”) recognizes the existence of a community of musicians and dancers that has formed by way of their shared passion for the danceable jazz music of the early-twentieth century. It is the mission of the Foundation to promote and sustain this artistic community and in this way preserve the two historically American art forms that exist at its center–early twentieth-century jazz and swing dancing (i.e., charleston, ‘collegiate’ shag, balboa, lindy hop, etc.). The Foundation, like the community it supports, regards this music and these dances as living, breathing art forms of historical significance and aims to fulfill its mission by sharing them, as such, through community outreach, education, and special events.